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by Scott Sterling-Wilder

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MJ: 'The King Of Pop''s essential tracks
Michael Jackson: 'The Essential Michael Jackson'
MJ: Rehabilitation stalls… probably

Rehabilitation of Michael Jackson will be a long and hard task because the King of Pop’s career has certainly become damaged goods. This compilation, the man’s sixth actually, over two discs is a chronological overview of his music dating back to The Jackson 5. Tellingly it only features one song from his ill-titled last studio album, ‘Invincible’.

Although full of brilliant songs… Some artefacts one simply loves or hates, other defy description. This one is neither but a f**king cash-in on notoriety of a faded star. If you’re a fan you’d have all these songs and can burn yourself a copy because there is zero new here…

[Even the cover is recycled - from his pop-'Goth' phase - 'Thriller'!]

Still, some of the greatest pop singles...


Scott Sterling-Wilder