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Get Up & Take [funky] Ecstasy With !!!
!!!: 'Get Up/Take Ecstasy With Me'
!!!: funky in any tone and super-sized!!!

It’s raining outside like it is November although it is middle of the British summer; oh, to be in England in summertime… it is so boring - without new audio thrills. And they are bloody thin on the ground because the mainstream is gearing up for the Autumnal assault on your credit cards and then - all the way to the Chrimbosis time.

!!! are like Superman, coming to the rescue at the time of calamity with a double A-sided single of Magnetic Fields’ ‘Take Ecstasy With Me’ and Nate Dogg’s ‘Get Up’ renditions. It follows the critically acclaimed album ‘Louden Up Now’, the party platter of last year for all the cool cats [and dolls fatale]… Alas, !!! have yet to be accepted by mass auditorium due to it being increasingly ignorant, blinded by hype and easily led to the false idols of the Simon ‘Coward’ variety.

‘Take Ecstasy’ is funky but a bit restrained, more singalong-able and it doesn‘t really bloom, explode, as one would expect it to. Far from being disappointing, it’s still too funked-down, sort of ballady but far from the crap that‘s on top of the UK chart right now, John Blunt’s sickly meldorama of ‘You're Beautiful’.

“We decided to try some different styles before we began writing the next album to teach ourselves something new,” vocalist Nic Offer explains. “We learned a lot from trying to make a pop song, using a string quartet and generally trying t make a song for people to lose their shit to on drugs. The Magnetic Fields song is great because it replaces sex, drugs and Rock‘n‘Roll with Love, XTC and House Music.”

‘Get Up’ is far more instantaneous, intoxicating and their version segues into such improv/jam Sly and The Family Stone members would be happy to dance to. You can’t resist staying put and if you do, you must be a New Labour voter! “The 90s and 2000s were nothing without Nate Dogg’s voice,” Offer continues justifying this choice, “and we believe someday, he will be recognized as one of the true greats of Soul. This song is unjustly overlooked and can be found in dollar bins across America… so slept on, so slept on.”

There are also radio edits of both tracks here but pale in comparison with the fully-blown adaptations. ‘Get Up’ gets me all feverish!

What it comes down to is - you can’t defy this outfit once exposed to their 14-legged funkarama! ‘Louden'd up’, again!!!

Tour dates:

05 August - Big Chill Festival, Eastnor Castle (UK)
06 August - Benacassim Festival, Valencia (Spain)
08 August - Concorde II, Brighton (UK)
09 August - 100 Club, London (UK)
11 August - Melkweg, Amsterdam, (Holland)
12 August - Den Atelier, Luxembourg
13 August - Route du Rock Festival, St. Malo, (France)
14 August - Aymeries Festival, Aulnoye (France)
17 August - Paredes du Cuora Festival, Oporto (Portugal)
19 August - Snorama Festival, Valladolid (Spain)
20 August - Pukkelpop Festival, Hasselt (Belgium)
21 August - Lowlands Festical, Laandraaf (Netherlands)

!!!’s double-A sided single ‘Get Up/Take Ecstasy With Me’ is released 25 July 2005 by Warp/Touch&Go