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John Peel: new site launched
New John Peel website launched

A new website dedicated to the legacy of John Peel has been launched, with a mission statement to continue discovering new music in the timeless spirit of the late DJ.

A day after the first annual John Peel day took place with music events across the world, news of the website was announced.

'Unpredictable Porridge - The John Peel Legacy' can be found at and will be run by the legendary DJ's son Tom Ravenscroft.

The homepage of the site immediately makes clear that all forms of music made by all artists will find a home at the site, as will anyone who is simply interested in music.

"This site will continue the legacy of John Peel, you can upload your new musical creations and check out other emerging talent."

"Regardless of what style of music you are into, or whether you like to play music, create music, or just listen to music; this site will be for you," reads the opening page.

On the site, music from around the world will be given a platform, with visitors voting on what they hear and major labels involved in picking up the most successful acts.

Clive Selwood, Peel's long-time agent and business partner, will also be involved in alongside Ravenscroft.

Speaking about plans for the site, Selwood explained: "For 30-odd years John was the point of reference for the best new cutting edge talent and now there's no real replacement."

"The ethos behind this site is to fill that void and in turn reveal the next generation of recording stars."

klam Meraffe

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