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UK Music Hall of Fame, FBS/David Byrne
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New John Peel website launched
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She's 'The Greatest'
'Confessions On A Dance Floor'
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Loose views

It’s ten days since London‘s ‘7/7 tragedy’ and the wound is still as wide open as a shark’s mouth before the fatal jaw-lock. It is not fear but a deep cut that no amount of suturing could ever close. It bleeds with uncertainty…

Religions have been a great cause of enormous torment through history, be it Alexander The Great, The Crusaders, A. Hitler or Saddam Hussein, and continues through today although it has had some more clandestine forms over time. Not anymore…

It has made Londoners feel - paranoia, vulnerability, insecurity as well as exposure to frequent alarms (false, thank God but you gotta check ‘em out!) that disrupt working, living, even loving. The resentment towards our dear PM is growing: millions demonstrated in Britain against supporting American invasion of Iraq but to no avail.

The new fear we live around is like a black hole that is constantly expending. There is a tension in your stomach, the bitterest taste in your mouth, some doomsday aura about due to not knowing who-where-when-why-how it is coming from… The suspicion grows on a tube carriage faster than in a Raymond Chandler’s pulp-fiction.

Without going into complete dystopia, the lame new world’s distinct feeling is Machbethian. Hollywood would make it like a melodrama despite it being a tragedy in several acts.

The maddening world with the bullshit of religion, misguided politicos and concrete terror without an apparent escape: we all pretend “We are United” and “It will NOT change our way of live!” but even the atheists have started praying! Fe/male, vive la vie!

Scott Sterling-Wilder