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'Idlewild' album gets a release date
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When you're half of the most successful rap duo of all time, you can get pretty much anything you want.

So, for example, if you were Big Boi and you wanted to announce that a new OutKast album would be hitting stores on, say, 06 December [in the States and a day earlier in Europe], well, then it's a pretty safe bet that it'll come out then.

"Me and Dre got the new OutKast album coming out 06 December,” Big Boi claims. It's called ‘Idlewild’, and the first single is called 'Idlewild Blues,'" Boi said. "I'm dead serious, we're cocked and loaded. The movie's done too. And it's crazy."

OK then. ‘Idlewild’ - the soundtrack to the long-delayed film of the same name, which still has no release date - will be out 06 December, OutKast's label, LaFace Records, confirmed. In past interviews, Big Boi had hinted that the new 'Kast album would be seeing the light of day sometime this year, but until now there was no set-in-stone release date.

But not everything Big Boi says comes true. He told MTV News that ‘Idlewild Blues’ would be available for digital download sometime this month, but according to LaFace, the first single off the album has yet to be determined, and thus nothing has been released digitally.

While the ‘Idlewild’ film had previously been described at the duo's attempt to emulate Prince's big-screen success, Big Boi said there's little of the Purple One's velveteen touch in the film - but there is a whole lot of Giorgio Armani.

"The movie is dope," he said. "It's like an OutKast album but on film, which will make the fans happy. It's like two stories going at the same time. I've seen two rough cuts, and it's outstanding. We've got Ving Rhames, Ben Vereen, Cicely Tyson, Terrence Howard, Patti LaBelle. We would show up every day suited and booted thanks to Mr. Giorgio Armani. Tailor-made to fit."

He's also got one final word on yet another OutKast-related project: ‘Big Boi Presents Got Purp? Volume 2’, the first release on his new Purple Ribbon label. The album, due 22 November showcases a group of artists Big is dubbing his "Purple Ribbon All-Stars", including Sleepy Brown, Bubba Sparxxx and Killer Mike.

The disc's first single, which he said was called ‘Kryptonite’, is already hitting radio - only it's not called ‘Kryptonite’ anymore (guess Big Boi doesn't always get everything he wants).

"The first single is called 'I'm on It'. It was originally called 'Kryptonite'," he laughed. "But for some reason, MTV wouldn't let us say it, so we had to change it. What can you do, y'know?"

Klam Meraffe

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